Uniformly Random 
China Heights Gallery, Sydney

A selection of artworks / objects from Uniformly Random exhibition. China Heights Gallery.

Lynes is interested in exploring random encounters between industrial and natural materials. Highly trained in traditional glass gilding/signwriting techniques, it is that captivating place between pattern formation and mark-making, in these two opposing worlds, that has become fertile ground for Lynes to further develop his material state of mind.
12, and 23 karat gold leaf, blended enamels, slumped, water marbled and deep carved glass. Mirror polished stainless steel frames. Furniture pieces were deisgned in collaboartion with Jonathan A West.

Custom hand Painted gold leaf signs

Will Lynes is a Sydney-based decorative glass artist and designer, who specialises in traditional hand-painted sign writing, lettering, murals, gilding, and a variety of decorative painted finishes.  Read more